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14 for Lovers February 14, 2009

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“Just as all is born new,
Do you know what I say is true,
That I’ll be loving you always”
~ Stevie Wonder

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and no list of love songs is complete without Luther Vandross and Donny Hathaway.  If you want to get started early here are 14 love songs.

  1. Boyz II Men ~ I’ll Make Love to You
  2. All-4-One ~ So Much In Love
  3. Whitney Houston ~ I Believe In You and Me
  4. Take 6 ~ You Can Never Ask Too Much (of Love)
  5. The Spinners ~ Then Came You
  6. Usher ~ Bedtime
  7. Xscape ~ Feel So Good
  8. Stevie Wonder ~ As
  9. Teena Marie ~ Ohh La La
  10. Luther Vandross ~ Forever, For Always, For Love
  11. Anthony Hamilton ~ I Know What Love’s All About
  12. Algebra ~ I Think I Love U
  13. Donny Hathaway ~ You Were Meant For Me
  14. Mariah Carey ~ Forever

Old School Friday: Remakes January 30, 2009

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Most times I don’t like remakes especially if the original artist has a distinctive sound.  These are some of the better ones I’ve heard.  I had such a hard time narrowing it down.  I may have to do a part 2.

Something He Can Feel ~ Aretha Franklin (1976) vs. En Vogue (1992)

Aretha recorded this Curtis Mayfield written & produced track for the “Sparkle” movie soundtrack.  Supposedly, the reason Aretha recorded the entire soundtrack is because the movie’s star Lonette McGee, who played Sister, was signed to an independent record label and they wouldn’t allow any recordings to be released.  What made En Vogue so good?  They can flat out sing. Please come back–you’ve been gone too long.  (They were of the era when an artist’s career was about good music and not just showing your a**.)

Aretha’s version:

En Vogue’s version:


Old School Friday: The Year I Graduated High School (2000) January 9, 2009

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I love music!!  I have over 10,000 songs on my iPod and it’s not even halfway full.  One of my favorite blog’s hipped me to Old School Fridays with a different theme each Friday.  Old School Friday is perfect for me.  Although, I’m in my mid-twenties I have an old soul–I’m a young old head.  Normally I listen to more old school music than newer artists.  They just don’t make them like they used to (lol).

This week’s theme is “Music From the Year You Graduated High School.”  I chuckled at this week’s theme because 2000 isn’t anywhere close to being old school.  Nevertheless, this was the year of rap and boy bands.  Take a listen…


Allow Me to Introduce Myself… January 4, 2009

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Last night I was so inspired through helping my sister create her blog (been telling her to do it for years).  I finally decided to write my own titled “Wheneva, Whateva.” The title is inspired by one of my favorite Maxwell’s song “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever.”  I plan to write about a variety of topics, simply put, whatever is on my mind or going on around me.  The new year has just begun, and I’m looking forward to developing this space as my creative outlet.  Hope you enjoy!


Peace & blessings,

Wheneva, Whateva

P.S. I can’t wait for Maxwell’s new album.  It’s been too long to go without good music! View a live version after the jump…