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Old School Friday: Keep It In the Family June 12, 2009

Posted by Wheneva Whateva in I Heart Music, Old School Friday.
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Happy OSF!  I’m combining Old School Friday & Black Music Month.  Today’s OSF theme is “Keep It In the Family.”  Head on over to Marva’s site to view the other OSF participants.


At some point you’ve heard about the legal troubles of various family members, but DeBarge had three gold albums in the 80s.


I Like It

Rhythm of the Night



1. pprscribe - June 12, 2009

Man, the (apparent) unraveling of this talented family makes me sad. I hope its members can get it back together–in their personal lives if not their professional music lives.

Happy OSF!

2. nordette aka verite - June 12, 2009

I did DeBarge too for one choice, but a different song. Noticed you had pics of NOLA Brass Bands and video below. Were you here recently or are you a resident?

Happy OSF!

whenevawhateva - June 12, 2009

I’m originally from New Orleans, but I live in Maryland now.

3. teamowens313 - June 12, 2009

I was wondering when I was gonna run across somebody who called out DeBarge! I confess I wasn’t a huge fan back in the day, but you gotta give props where they’re due, and three gold albums pretty much tells the tale. They definitely knew what formula to use to crank out the hits, and that ain’t easy.

Happy OSF, and thanks much for dropping by The D Spot earlier.

4. Hagar's Daughter - June 12, 2009

DeBarge is popular this OSF, which is fine since they made some great music. I’m a huge fan.

Happy OSF

5. Marvalus - June 13, 2009

I used to love DeBarge…was totally in love with El…

Great choice!

6. Pop Art Diva - June 14, 2009

Does marriage count as family?? LOL. DeBarge is a good pick then!

I went with music from my own family: Heart and Soul – A musical family thread for over 40 years

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